Reading Contest

It is our pleasure to share with you the news of a wonderful Seerah event that Salaam Islamic Center is co-sponsoring. Green Dome Foundation (formerly Path of the Prophet Foundation),, is holding its second reading contest in partnership with various Islamic organizations, and inviting everyone to take part in it.


The reading contest offers a chance for everyone to read and get immersed in two important works: Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources, Martin Lings, and The Messenger by R. Haylamaz and Y A. Aslandogan.


Green Dome Foundation has also organized a reading contest for the young readers of Seerah, 14 and younger. They will read and get tested on their knowledge of Seerah through the book, Prophet Muhammad, by Mustafa Erdogan.


In addition to the reward of studying and learning about the life of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, the participants will have a chance of winning one of the $500 awards ($100 for the children) if they make it to the first eleven.


For more information about the contest and registration, please visit:


Please share this event with everyone and spread the news. This is a contest where everyone wins!